6 reasons why working for a small company could be the best career move you ever make.

  1. Be the best

Often smaller companies excel in something – whether it’s a specific type of work or industry, they have evolved a focus over the years and developed an approach which is specialised (and often highly regarded). If you have a strong interest in something, you can become the best at what you do by specialising. Adding to this, much of the growth we see in the industry today is from smaller companies who are leading the way in their particular line of business, as a result of clients’ ever-changing needs.


  1. Get direct access to the senior team

In a small business you often get the opportunity to work closely with a senior leader or Managing Director. This means learning is often faster because you get direct exposure to someone who has been in the business for years and knows all there is to know, rather than reporting into someone who has 2 or 3 years more experience than you.


  1. Career progression is fast-tracked

If you are successful in a smaller company, you’re likely to rise up the corporate ladder more quickly, given the (often) less structured promotion cycles. Working within a smaller company also means that your efforts and achievements are more likely to get noticed and you will generally be promoted on merit rather than the number of years’ experience you have.


  1. You’ll get more variety in your day

Roles are generally not as siloed in a smaller business, which means you get exposure to a wider variety of tasks. You’ll gain a better understanding of the business as a whole and will likely perform more varied responsibilities that will allow you to develop transferable skills. With a diverse workload and opportunities to work within different areas of the organisation, working for small companies will certainly keep your job interesting!


  1. Pay, benefits & work life balance are often better

Often smaller companies offer very competitive packages which are comparable to – if not better than – larger organisations. Having said this, we don’t think this should be the main consideration when choosing to join a smaller company. It is also a common misconception that work-life balance is always worse in smaller companies, yet anecdotal evidence tells us it tends to be better, and there may also be more flexibility such as the ability to work from home more, flexible hours etc.


  1. More personable

A smaller team means you’re more likely to be better integrated and familiar with the rest of the team and this closer proximity can provide a feeling that that can, sometimes, be absent in larger organisations.


Final thoughts…

While planning your next career move, smaller companies are definitely not always better or, indeed, right for everyone. Each company (as well as the opportunity on hand) should be considered on its own merits.

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